Web Services API

The Web Services API is a collection of network accessible operations which allow third party applications to remotely manage core AVAVoIP objects.

The module exports functions for lookup, creation, modification and deletion of system objects effectively providing a link between the AVAVoIP backend framework and the 3rd party client applications.


Using the WS API service providers can develop their custom tailored end user CRM systems on top of the AVAVoIP platform or to integrate it into their existing CRM or ERP systems.


The selected communication protocol is SOAP XML messaging over HTTPS. The API creates a secure SOAP abstraction layer for remote management via XML messaging. WSDL (Web Services Description Language) service descriptions are exposed for clients to determine what services are available on the server. Each web service description covers all the details necessary to interact with it, including message formats for a service’s operations, transport protocols, and location.


A fully functional PHP template CRM site based on the Web Services API is provided with the platform. Customers can build on top of it or use it as example and create their own solutions tailored to their specific needs and business models.