The Company

About Us
Avangard Solutions is a US technology company that provides cost-effective, customized IT solutions to organizations from around the world. Our committed IT development team is always ready to cooperate, and work closely with clients to make their vision become a reality, with minimum risk and efforts.

Avangard Solutions is your single point of contact – we take total responsibility of client’s projects, ensuring top quality results at all times.
With experience in the latest, state of the art software development trends, our development team includes a wide variety of experts in the areas of VoIP, Pricing and Rating, Billing, BSS, OSS, CRM, ERP, SRM and e-commerce solutions. We have strategic expertise backed with years of experience in new and disruptive technologies such as VoIP, IPTV, Triple Play and converged solutions.


Established in 2005 Avangard expanded quickly and significantly its operations and customer base to offer value added services and products to its partners. The company is already an established partner in the communications business, technology development, systems and business integration. We are committed to constantly improving our overall performance and efficiency to deliver top quality outcomes.


AVA VoIP is an outcome of our years of experience in the VoIP area, providing solutions to and interacting with hundreds of customers with various business models. The product provides the necessary flexibility and robustness to satisfy our most demanding customers.


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