Tax Engine

AVAVoIP Tax Engine is a high performance universal Taxation engine which is a stand-alone component of the AVAVoIP platform.


The Tax Engine is designed to be flexible and to be able to implement very complex tax determination rules as well as tax calculations. The core features of the Tax engine allow customers to:

  • define multiple Tax Jurisdictions for up to 4 tax levels
  • assign accounts to tax jurisdictions
  • create taxes based on multiple tax determination rules
  • assign taxes to system or custom charges
  • use the tax calculation engine for real time processing of taxes
  • include tax calculation in invoices

The Tax engine is a standalone multithreaded server daemon which accepts rated charge detail record (CDR) requests and returns calculated results based on a pre-loaded database of tax tables and tax jurisdictions. It accepts XML formatted rated tax requests on a request listener interface. For administration and management purposes the external applications interface the tax engine via a command line telnet management console.


The telnet CLI will allow management of localities and individual tax rates as well as viewing TE statistics.


To ensure high availability and redundancy multiple redundant tax engines can be provisioned from the administrative console to run simultaneously.


The open XML API allows customers to integrate their own subsystems to the tax engine or to develop their own taxation applications.