Support Process


The AVA VoIP support issues are handled through a ticketing system, IM, or telephone depending on the purchased support package.


Contacting Us

All issues should be submitted in our tracking system. Users are encouraged to provide as much information about the equipment, configuration and problem as possible. A reply is immediately sent to the customer, containing a tracking number for each case.


Our Process

Upon receipt of a new ticket, the AVA VoIP support staff gathers the appropriate information and assigns a priority to the request.


Definitions of the priority levels are as follows:

  • Priority 1: The customer’s network is down and severely degraded, or business operations are being critically impacted. AVA VoIP staff will dedicate resources immediately until a solution is found.
  • Priority 2: The customer’s network is severely degraded. AVA VoIP staff will devote resources to resolving the problem within 1 hour of posting ticket.
  • Priority 3: The customer’s network operation is impaired, yet generally functional. AVA VoIP staff will devote resources to resolving the problem within 6 hours of posting ticket (during normal working hours).
  • Priority 4: The customer has requested configuration or planning assistance to optimize performance of the network and/or asked a question about the system and its features. AVA VoIP staff will respond to such request within 24 hours of posting ticket (during normal working hours).


Escalation of Customer Requests

Once the customer’s request has been logged and prioritized, we will work with the customer on resolving the issue. If the request is informational in nature, this information will be supplied and the request closed with the customer’s approval.


If needed (and depending on support package) an IM and/or telephone meeting will be scheduled to work on the issue together with customer.


If further troubleshooting or investigation is required, we will work on the issue. The customer will be kept informed of progress based on the update commitments.


In the unlikely event that the support request cannot be resolved and/or a third party’s involvement is required, customer will be notified immediately so that the appropriate further steps can be agreed and implemented.