With years of experience in providing custom tailored VoIP solutions to large, mid size and startup companies and hands-on exposure to the majority of the commercial and open source solutions on the market, Avangard Solutions Inc. has gained a valuable know-how and expertise of the traditional telecom businesses and the emerging telecom trends. We have learned to anticipate customer needs and to offer valuable business suggestions for best solution implementations.


AVA VoIP has been built from ground up to address the challenges of this agile business environment. This is why it has become the product of choice and best value solution for many telephony service providers.


The AVA VoIP package supports all the traditional telecom business models such as: prepaid and postpaid wholesale VoIP, prepaid and postpaid retail VoIP, calling cards, callback, call shop, Internet café, hotels, etc. The system is also available as a cloud service (SaaS) under the brand name AVA Hosted.


SaaS Solution

If you are planning to start or scale up your VoIP business but do not want to make investments in software and/or hardware then our Software as a Service solution is the best choice for you.



Callback Solution
Callback has gained popularity in recent years as a cost effective alternative to long distance and international calling.


Call Shops and Internet Cafés
Call Shops and Internet Cafés are very popular in countries where the cost of the telephony services is relatively high or the number of telecom providers is small and heavily regulated.


Residential VoIP
Companies like Vonage have introduced VoIP to the residential customer.