AVA VoIP Routing allows for comprehensive configuration of priority based routing and provisioning of third party switching equipment and route costing.

The functionality also feeds cost information during the rating process to calculate profit margins and to enhance revenue assurance reporting. The friendly user interface allows service providers to work with familiar concepts and minimum learning overhead.
AVA VoIP Routing abstracts the routing mechanisms from the underlying switching equipment thus requiring no technical knowledge of the underlying switches and allowing simultaneous provisioning of multi-vendor switches.


The core of the routing functionality is based on Route Sets which are independent routing tables and can be assigned to one or more accounts. The route sets enable the granular grouping of multiple routes from various providers and thus allows comprehensive route prioritization mechanisms based on custom combination of the following priority mechanisms: longest match, priority, cost and quality.


Core features include:

  • Define and manage multiple VoIP Carriers
  • Configure providersā€™ gateways or network nodes for protocols, supported codecs, egress translation sets etc.
  • Upload or export provider tariff rates tables which serve for real time routing and costing of calls
  • Manage egress translation sets and assign to provider endpoints
  • For each translation set create one or more translation rules to match and translate called or calling numbers
  • Review and compareĀ  the routes within a route set through LCR lookup tool
  • Define route prioritization mechanisms per route set: longest match, priority, cost, quality
  • Provision 3rd party VoIP switching equipment: Nextone, Cisco, Quintum, ACME, Asterisk, Yate etc.
  • Use Traffic reports to determine route and provider performance as well as identify routes issues close to real time.