Residential voip

Companies like Vonage have introduced VoIP to the residential customer.

Since then VoIP has quickly entered the lives of many people who wish to minimize telephony costs and at the same time increase number of extra services. AVAVoIP provides a comprehensive package for telephony service providers to enter the residential and retail markets with minimum efforts and cost.
With AVAVoIP package we provide the basis platform for your ITSP network. Our open architecture and interoperability allows customers to chose from vast array of third party telephony adapters or soft phones to customize their offering.


Who can use AVAVoIP Residential VoIP solution?

  • ISPs, ASPs and ITSPs who want to extend and enhance their residential and retail services
  • Companies starting Vonage-like services to residential customers
  • Companies who want to offer CLASS 5 services
  • Service providers who wish to attract niche residential markets or ethnic groups
  • Service providers who want to implement hosted services for small enterprises


The AVAVoIP Solution

AVAVoIP provides a comprehensive BSS/OSS solution for Residential and Retail VoIP business model.

Core features include:

  • Prepare postpaid and prepaid packages in user subscription plans
  • Prepare custom recurring, one time or manual charges
  • Flexible priority routing based on: priority, cost, quality, prefix match for maximum margins
  • Real time call authorization and call routing
  • Real time call rating, costing and margin calculations
  • Call failover of up to 5 best routes for best end user experience
  • Comprehensive revenue assurance reports for profitability analysis
  • Comprehensive traffic reports for assessing routes performance
  • Switch agnostic – use either our end-to-end packages with cost saving open source software or couple with commercial switches of your choice