Reseller Partitioning

AVAVoIP Partitioning module enables service providers to create dedicated application partitions to resellers.

AVAVoIP implements a new unique approach to application partitioning which minimizes single points of failure and ensures system scalability as the number of resellers and end users in the system grows. Unlike the most platforms which implement tiered partitioning logically in a single database AVAVoIP creates new dedicated virtual instance of the whole application with its own dedicated database.


Tiered billing is accomplished when on the main system each reseller partition is assigned an account. The reseller account’s subscription plan determines how the reseller will be charged and invoiced for metered and recurring charges. Within their partition each reseller can create their own subscription plans and bill end user accounts independently.


AVAVoIP partitions can be hosted on the same host server where the main application instance is or if necessary moved to different dedicated server thus releasing resources on the original host. The approach facilitates hardware resource management and at the same time minimizes single point of failure. AVAVoIP administrators can access partitions from the main management console by click of a button.


The architecture exposes the whole system functionality to Resellers based on assigned roles allowing them to implement custom branding and easy integration into their own applications. The Web Services APIs and CRM portals are available for each reseller’s partition for individual use and customization.