Rating Engine

AVAVoIP relies on a proprietary high performance rating engine to process a very high volume of authorization and accounting transactions in real time.


AVAVoIP rating engine is a standalone multithreaded service written in C++ which uses proprietary in-memory database to provide maximum performance. It accepts authorization and accounting requests and returns calculated results based on a pre-loaded set of rating tables and custom charge or reverse formulas.


The engine is capable of processing more than 2000 rating request per second with 1,000,000 rates database. AVAVoIP rating engine uses an open XML protocol to interact in real time with one or more system modules which require rating services. For administration and management purposes the RE is interfaced with external applications via a command line/telnet management console.


To ensure high availability and redundancy multiple redundant rating engines can be provisioned from the administrative console to run simultaneously.


The open XML API allows customers to integrate their own subsystems to the rating engine or to develop their own rating applications.