CRM Web Portal

The package includes a Drupal based customizable end user CRM Web Portal.

This portal is entirely driven by our Web Services API and combines perfectly the flexibility of the framework with ‘ready to use’ custom modules that are quick to install and easy to use. Please note that you can buy/download third party standard Drupal themes and modules and they can be used in our portal without problem.

The default CRM site installed with the system includes the core features needed for all the traditional business cases required by the telecom business. Additional custom modules can also be developed depending on the needs of each customer. A list of the currently available modules follows.


Web Services Authentication

Provides authentication via web services


Third Party Modules

Third party modules required by the CRM



Allows management of account profile data


Reports web services

Provide access to basic reports via web services


Signup Core

Core sign-up functionality module – required by all modules that use sign-up

Multi-step Signup

Provides a multi-step page signup functionality


Multi-language support

Allows multi-language support of the CRM site


Devices Basic

Allows basic management of devices


Payments Core

Core payments functionality module – required by all modules that use payments



Enables users to top-up their account balance


Numbers Core

Core numbers functionality module – required by all modules that use numbers



Allows management of account caller IDs


Voicemail Core

Core voicemail functionality module – required by all modules that use voicemail


Allows management of email notifications



Enables redirection to custom login/logout pages


Single-step Signup

Provides a single-step online signup functionality


Speed Dials

Allows management of speed dials


Splash Page

Displays configurable page with account details


Transfer Funds

Allows transfer of funds between accounts


Web Callback

Implements web callback functionality



Allows password reset



Provides support form for user inquiries


Rates Map

Display interactive rate map


Credit card management

Allows storage of credit card information



Enables automatic on-net number assignment



Enables use of promotional code discount program



Enables account referral rewards


Devices Advanced

Allows advanced management of devices



Enables use of reward program

Provides integration with


IVR customizations

Allows use of custom IVR announcements


Multiple CRM sites

Allows use of multiple CRM sites



Allows download of receipt for each payment


Auto Payment

Allows automatic payment of invoices


Username Retrieval

Allows retrieval of forgotten username


Limit credit by day

Allows limit of daily top-up amount


Enterprise Subscriptions

Allows management of enterprise subscriptions


Residential Subscriptions

Allows management of residential subscriptions


Landing Page

Allows users to create multiple landing pages



Allows users to manage lines



Allows users to manage members


Night/Weekend Routing

Allows change of account route set Night/Weekend schedule


Numbers Enterprise

Allows management of enterprise numbers


Numbers Residential

Allows management of residential numbers


Voicemail Enterprise

Allows management of enterprise voice-mail boxes


Voicemail Residential

Allows management of residential voice-mail boxes


If you need to integrate or customize any features of the CRM Portal or any external system integration but you do not have the expertise or the time to build it yourself we always extend our development services at a great value price.