Active Referral

The “Active Referral” involves Reseller-provided consulting services to the client and Avangard-provided products and services. 

Subsequently, a higher level involvement on the part of the Reseller is expected and required compared to Simple Referral. 



  • Provide contact with a potential client, (as in Simple Referral)
  • Facilitate initial meetings, (as in Simple Referral)
  • Support initiation of products and or services
  • Provide ongoing close Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Help create / advise on proposals
  • Suggestions for making proposals
  • Supporting the proposal sales process
  • High level review and feedback on deliverables (concepts/solutions)
  • Active CRM (Meeting with customers on regular basis)
  • Ongoing intelligence gathering
  • Ongoing sales activities




  • 40% from Product Value